Today, TV’s images quality have reach a very high resolution and TV audio has become less effective. It is because they become more and more slimmer with a beautiful design and less space for powerful speakers. They are a great way to take your home theater and audio system to the next level. Perfectly suitable for your movies, TV reality shows and series you might want richer, fuller sound.

However, if you want to upgrade your TV’s sound in your living room, a wide and long sound bar is the best solution to solve your problem.

Sound bars exist to lend your TV a sound support.

Sound bars are the cheapest and easiest way to get better sound in your living room. Here's the questions you should be asking to choose which one will suit you.


1) How much you can invest to get a sound quality?

2) How big is the living room? How big is the TV you're pairing it with? Big rooms and big TVs call for big sound bars. Of course small models are great for a small living rooms and TVs.

3) What type of sound bars do you want?

There are two main types of sound bars such as:

- Sound bars

- Pedestral sound bars or sound bases

There are different kind of, like basic standalone soundbars without subwoofers, more advanced soundbars with subwoofers and the potential to add satellite speakers, or a soundbase that your TV sits on or mounted on the wall either above or below it.

4) What size do you want?

There are many different shapes in sizes for a sound bars in length and width.

Make sure there’s enough room in front of the set, and check to see that the sound bar don’t block the remote control beam to the TV because of his width.

The length of a sound bars doesn’t correspond directly to the screen size of your TV, but there are typical lengths of sound bars to help you match with your TV like:


TV screen size


Any size


42 to 50 inch


55 to 60 inch


70 inch


5) What kind of connections do you want?

First, check how many inputs your TV has. There are different variety of inputs for connecting devices.

Some connect by cable to your TV, while many have Bluetooth and/or wi-fi connectivity.

- Bluetooth and wireless :

Most of sound bars on the market now support Bluetooth, which allows you to connect your mobile devices and put some music wirelessly to the sound bar speaker. Some have advanced connection like Near Field Communication which are supported by some sound bars.

But Bluetooth can have some issues like an alert message when there is too much distance between the sound bars and your devices. So the Wi-Fi connection is more preferable for streaming.

- HDMI: 

Nowadays sound bars has many HDMI inputs, and may include an HDMI output to the TV, allowing you to use the sound bar to switch between video source components.

6) Do you want some features or specs?

After answering all the questions above, it’s time to know if you want some extra (features or specs).

An equalizer is what you are looking for? Some sound bar have presets or custom equalizers which have many mode which represents a different listening environment.

Most sound bars use the TV screen instead of a front display but if don’t like this way you can also look for a sound bar with a remote-control or just a front display panel clearly labeled.

If you want to experience a real surround-sound, you can get some extra speakers. Those are generally wireless sub-woofer or amplifier.

Some sound bars could have a built-in media player such as a Blu-ray or DVD player. Moreover, some models have access to streaming movies or TV shows like Nextflix. Something that can change your lifestyle if your TV doesn’t have this integrated ability or if you don’t have a media player.

After all of that, the brand is the last choice to do. Many major electronics brands such as Bose, Dolby , Samsung, Panasonic, Pioneer makes different sound bars across all categories while others companies concentrate on a particular characteristic like the price range.

Now which one is the best? Our Chialstar sound bar might interest you and might be your best choice.

Our sound bar is wireless so you can stream music, podcasts and other. He also have Bluetooth connectivity so he can pairing easily with enabled mobile phone, tablet, or computer. But if you prefer launch the sound bar with cable there are input for it (AUX IN & USB).


The connectivity Bluetooth 2.1 technology produces a faster speed and possibly longer battery life. You can also use your Bluetooth devices to control the sound bar (like next/previous and pause/play).

At a slim 456x58.5x64mm, it is designed to don’t take a lot of space so it can fit easily underneath your TV or sitting flat on the table. You can even bring it outside in your car, at gym, a party with your friends or at a picnic with your family.


The price is not expensive compared to subwoofer/sattelite packages on the market.

Our sound bar have a USB cable because of his rechargeable battery so you can bring it with you outside instead of always letting it plug to your TV.

Moreover if you don’t have any devices to launch music when you bring it outdoor, don’t worry, there is a micro SD port where you can put your own music just in case.

 portable wireless outdoor speakers

The remote control or the display panel clearly labeled gives what some manufacturer nowadays gives up on their models. It might be unnecessary for some but it could be a nightmare for other, especially when it comes to find the TV remote which is always lost somewhere on the couch. But no more problem when you have a front display or another remote control which is small enough so you can put it in your pocket if you go in the kitchen and maybe you want to change something on the sound bar from where you are.

You have different modes for setting the sound bar to match the type of audio being delivered such as the BT, FM Radio, etc.

More things that our sound bar can do is spreading the sound equally. So every listeners from left to right can hear the sound clearly just like they are in the center.