Nowadays, you can found a lot of different portable wireless speaker lead by huge brands such as JAWBONE, BOSE, SONY and many other. All comes with a huge range of design, prices, features and performance. But we all had the same purpose and try to made it the smaller as possible so you can bring it everywhere without any inconvenience.

But as always, the real question is to know what are your needs. What are you expectations ? Is it for an indoor or outdoor use ? You usually do some outside activities? Like camping ? Or make some parties at home in your backyard with your friends so you can enjoy a BBQ with a good music sound in the background?

Several situations which need entertaining, and so many speaker has been developed to fit to those expectations.

But trust me, you don’t need to look very far to get the one your seeking. Because our Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker has been built to provide whatever you need for a speaker.


Simple but elegant : We all have this image of the uncomfortable and heavy portable speaker that we must bring with us if we want music in the background. But this time is gone, it is over with the struggles of that heavy speaker. Today practically the majority of portable speakers are increasingly lighter, all having the same goal, to become the smallest and transportable possible.

Do you remember the last time you saw a portable speaker that can sneak into the small side pocket of your backpack (normally set aside for a bottle of water)? Well that’s one thing the Chialstar Outdoor Speaker can do for sure ! So yes, it is now possible to take it anywhere you want such as at a camping, at the gym, mountain, under the shower, at the beach or on the road. Also you may had the habit to control the speaker with your phone but how can you do that with water around you? Well the simple front remote of the speaker might be really helpful in this case.

In addition to all of this, it is not at all extrovert when you look at the colors or form.

Sober and elegant are the perfect words to describe exactly our speaker.


Incredible sound: Just like TV’s example, they get more and more thinner and so it impact a bit on the quality of the sound for sure because there is less place for speaker. Therefore it is the same for any speaker and right now you might think that is the same case for the Chialstar Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker. But thankfully, this one is different and still gives a perfect sound, a sound distributed equally, a sound that will give you goose bumps. Our speaker produces the most satisfying sound levels both indoors and outdoors all around him.


Fear of wetting it? it’s waterproof ! : What's better than having a water resistance speaker when you go out to the beach or to the river with your family or friends. It is true that it is not usual to carry on an electronic equipment near the water under penalty of electrocution. But to do that without repercussion, to be able to relax with music around or jumped in the water without worrying about wetting the speaker is an element that we almost all wanted for a speaker, isn’t that true?


Can’t believe that it’s also shockproof : No need to feel this little pressure when you move the speaker and you are afraid to drop it because it is now resistant to shock. Whether you or your friends are clumsy, if it accidentally falls off your bag or slips into your hands, do not worry about the speaker because it will still working perfectly and drop the best beat as always.


Extended battery life : What if you could stream music for 8 hours straight through the rechargeable lithium battery? You have practically enough music for a whole night party. More incredible is the fact that you only need 1 hours to recharge the entire battery, just use the USB cable included. Wonderful right ? It's good to have a portable speaker that goes anywhere or that is resistant to water and shocks especially when you or your friends are very clumsy. But it's even better to have a portable speaker that can provide enough music without needing to be recharged in the meantime.


You can find in the Chialstar Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker what you are seeking when it comes about a good ratio between the fashion style, quality, performance, size and most of all the price. This speaker is what you necessarily need in your indoor and outdoor life. So let’s get one and enjoy your music everywhere you want !