Nowadays, thanks to the improvement of all the smartphone that is becoming more and more thinner, there is less room for a good speaker inside the tiny device. It’s therefore necessary to have a speaker with you which can provide a better sound quality than any smart-phone, tablet, etc. A true must-have for any outdoor activity requiring entertainment, especially for travelers. The following review is about the Round Portable Speaker.


As you can see, this speaker has the look of a small bottle of water that allows you to bring it easily wherever you want. Easy to carry on, you can even put it into the side pocket of your travel backpack which is usually used for a bottle of water. But don’t worry if you don’t have a side pocket, there is another solution thanks to the loop on one side (included in the package), allowing you to attach it to your backpack, belt or a tree.

Our wireless speaker is adapted for any kind of outdoor activity. Made of durable material and well designed, this one is splash-proof which means you don’t need to worry if you see some drops of water on it.

More than all these features, it remains a provider of sounds. And this speaker is a great player in the market. With its vibrating diaphragm on each side, your ears will be really very happy to hear the quality of sound it brings you.

Moreover, with its latest Bluetooth advanced technology, it is compatible with all Bluetooth devices such as a phone, tablet, laptop. And in order to avoid you the trouble of always reconnecting the device whenever you are the only user of this wonderful speaker, it will reconnect automatically to the last device used.

Furthermore, this speaker has more to give like his built-in microphone which allow you to speak freely without holding your phone while you are driving.




But most of all, bringing your speaker everywhere is good, but can it last a long time? Well that’s a thing that our speaker can do with his built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery which provides 8 hours of music fully charged (USB cable included).

Even if today, a microSD card is not really used on a speaker, it is still useful to have a port for this in case you forget your phone. Just insert it inside and it is ready to go. You can control them with the panel in front of the speaker when you don’t have a phone with you. It is really clear and simple to use them.

With all those features, his build quality and its price, this might be the deal you are looking for in a wireless portable speaker.